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Latest version of Weatimages is 1.7.4: weatimages-1.7.4.zip (31Kb)

Versions history

Weatimages 1.7.4
  • Fixed directory traversal vulnerability
  • Improved compatibility with latest php releases

Weatimages 1.7.3
  • Changed behavior of single-image view: click on image results in moving to next image instead of switching size
  • Improved EXIF descriptions support
  • Minor bugfixes (https, png transparency, custom css)

Weatimages 1.7.2
  • Fixed "ini[langpack]" vulnerability

Weatimages 1.7.1
  • Optional link for downloading all album items in single zip archive
  • Minor bugfixes

Weatimages 1.7
  • Thumbnails generation for albums
  • Hotkeys navigation and slideshow
  • Compatibility mode for using on servers with restricted functionality
  • Interface improvements and new configuration options

Weatimages 1.6
  • EXIF data reading (descriptions, comments, date picture taken)
  • Optional sorting of albums and items by the date
  • Resolved problems with unfavorable combinations of php and http server versions

Weatimages 1.5
  • external css support
  • translation/langpacks support
  • ability to configure every album individually
  • improved compability with unusual web server configurations
  • updated appearance
  • new tuning options

Weatimages 1.4
  • image resizing queue for reducing memory usage
  • optimized caching mechanism

Weatimages 1.3
  • improved behaviour of navigation controls

Weatimages 1.2
  • html container for images view
  • items descriptions support

Weatimages 1.1
  • objects hiding
  • non-image items listing
  • adjustable charsets

Weatimages 1.0
  • first public release